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Public Toilets Of Different Countries Which Will Either Amaze You Or Disgust You

8 months ago


Well this unique kind of toilet would be only found in Japan were No hands, toilet paper, or wipes are needed in their toilet and additionally, they have a brilliant sanitation system to manage the wastage and use it as a fertiliser.


Due to the huge amount of beer there were also many of these toilets everywhere. They love chatting while having a leak.


This Firehouse themed restroom is found in a themed London pub.


Seems like Chinese believe in Group “hugging.” Well in India we wouldn’t be pleased to sharing our most private moment publicly.


Seems so similar to toilets here in India. Right? Well we Indians totally relate with this kind of toilets.

Beijing, China

A bullet proof toilet in Beijing so that nobody kills you in the toilet and you can at least pee peacefully. LOL.

Chonqing, China

A 1,000-toilet complex in Chongqing, China that celebrates bathroom culture. Spread over 30,000 square feet, the four-story public restroom features urinals shaped like curvaceous women, crocodiles and even the Virgin Mary.

Seoul, South Korea

Seoul’s ice gallery has an interesting ice bathroom for the tourists. It can be used for the exact purpose, but is wonderful to sit and strike an attractive selfie.


Can it get weirder? Well if it only had your enemies face then you would have fun with it.

Malawi, East Africa

A Urine Diversion Toilet in Malawi. However, the situation is different now and there are many toilets to try and get these into every village. Thanks to Sustainable Sanitation