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Plane spins, rolls off runway in Moscow ! miraculously staying intact

1 week ago


The blood-chilling moment a small plane spins while rolling off the runway in Moscow was caught on CCTV.

The footage shows a Golfstream business jet as it slides on its side and lands, barely avoiding crashing, in the snow-covered airfield of Sheremetyevo Airport.

The plane, which flew from Azerbaijan’s capital, Baku, had five people on board, including three passengers and two crew members. None were injured, media reported.

The jet suffered a broken gear leg during the harsh landing.

It isn’t clear if it was the pilot’s mistake or the icy runway that caused the incident, which almost resulted in tragedy. Unusually warm weather in Moscow this week led to a thaw, while a sudden temperature drop overnight created ice on the roads.

One of the runways remained closed after the incident and 15 flights were cancelled. Sheremetyevo is the busiest airport in Russia, serving more than 45 million passengers in 2018. It was also declared the most punctual airport in Europe, and rarely closes despite the sometimes treacherous Moscow weather.