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Nature’s Drink : Tender Coconut Water

6 months ago

Nature knew that its intolerable summer heat, folks will need something to cool down. So nature made coconut with water within, which when tender hold sweet cool water inside it. Its thick hard shell keeps the liquid inside it cold when the weather is warm. The sweetness of the water is natural so it doesn’t have any ill effect your health, added with vital minerals, vitamins, electrolytes and amino acids. Want to know what are the other benefits of tender coconut water, then here it goes:

  1. If you are suffering from gastric bloating, then it will give you instant relief.
  2. Improves your blood circulation and develops your blood vessel.
  3. Packed with antioxidants, so is wonderful for skin glow.
  4. Reduces inflammation from injuries or ageing.
  5. Heals you from within especially when you are on antibiotics.
  6. If sipped on empty stomach, promotes weight loss.
  7. Keeps body hydrated and saves from situations like sun stroke.
  8. Sometimes gulped down to normalize urine flow, hence keeps the kidney safe.
  9. Helps children to have healthy bones in their growth stage.
  10. Reduces muscle cramps due to potassium volume.