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My crush does not like me & my life become an emotional ! What can i do ?

1 min ago


Question: Hi, I truly love a guy and have been friends with him for more than eight years now. I have told him several times about my feelings and he has clarified that he only considers me his friend. The problem is I am unable to get over him now and miss him all the time. I feel like texting him every day and trying once again to convince him to date me. I know it is against my self-respect but somehow, I am willing to compromise on it for him. I think I have not been able to find a closure for this situation and my life has become an emotional mess. What should I do? —By Anonymous

Response: It is natural to like someone. However, whether the person likes you back or not is his or her choice and we do not hold any power on that.

I understand that you like a friend, who you know from past eight years, and you have also expressed your feelings to him. However, he has clarified that he only considers you as his friend. I understand that you are feeling helpless and rejected.

It is an emotionally-challenging situation. Nevertheless, you cannot force someone to be in a relationship with you, and I comprehend that you have tried your best to convince him and also overlooked your self-respect to get him to like you.

I can see that you are struggling with lack of self-love and acceptance. Therefore, first you will need to work on yourself and on your emotional maturity. Secondly, meet a counsellor who can help you cope with this emotional distress. Thirdly, work on what exactly you want in life. Is this the guy you want to be with in long term? Lastly, reflect if you really like him or you are unable to cope with the rejection?