August 4, 2022
Media Streaming Server

Top 10 Media Streaming Server for Personal and Business Use

A media streaming server is one such tool that makes it easy to stream videos and other media with no lags. With smartphones and powerful computers, technological advancements have opened up new avenues of entertainment.

You can watch TV and movies, listen to music and view your photos from your phone.

Online has made it possible to enjoy many conveniences and entertainment from the comfort of your home. Live streaming can be accessed for news and sports from anywhere in the world. All you need is an internet connection, along with some useful tools.

But, what is it?

What is Media Server Software?

Media server software stores digital media, such as audio and images, and makes them accessible on a network so that you can view them.

It can stream any type of digital media to Network attached Storage (NAS), smart televisions, personal computers and Apple, Android, and other devices.

A cloud server or computer is required to use a media server. You also need software to organize your digital media. It features an intuitive interface that makes it simple to view and collect media content.

The files can be shared with family, friends, or colleagues within your organization. You can use many media server software, such as Amazon Firestick and Google Chromecast.

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Why should you use media server software?

Media Server Software has many benefits for both personal and professional use. It allows you to view and play media on multiple devices simultaneously so you can access them from any device. You can play them anywhere, from your couch at home to your office roundtable. Then present the media to your colleagues.

Media server software has many benefits:

Powerful servers

Because powerful software is built on top technology, media servers can be used to store all your media. Access to all your music and videos can be accessed along with key information such as lyrics, artist data, actors, directors, and more.

It is a reflection of the collaboration between the client and server within the software. This makes it valuable for both home and business use.

Maintenance is minimal or non-existent

You don’t have to worry about losing important files due to mechanical wear and tear when using traditional hardware components. Modern servers make use of cloud and fanless technology to reduce these problems and protect your data with minimal or no maintenance.

Security and data control improvements

You can have better control over your data and be more aware of its location with your own server. This is particularly beneficial for businesses. It is possible to set up a protection mechanism that will protect data and prevent data breaches.

Greater availability

Do not let network downtimes and errors stop you from enjoying your favorite programs. The majority of media servers are reliable and provide data with minimal downtime.

There are many options when searching for media server software. For your convenience, we have created a list of the best media streaming software.

Take a look at them and decide what you like.


You can stream live TV and DVR, your favorite web shows, podcasts and news all in one application with Plex, regardless of where you are or what device you’re using.

You can watch 130+ channels free of charge. Additionally, you can upgrade to an amazing TV experience that allows you to record and view local news and sports. Plex offers 20k+ movies and shows on-demand from top producers such as Warner Brothers, Lionsgate and MGM.

You can also curate and view your personal collection of TV, movies, and photos on any device. You can also join their Premium plan to enjoy the best entertainment and support their community.

Plex Arcade was also created as a result from the partnership between Atari and Plex. You can also play Atari classics, as well as your own emulators and ROMs, on this area.


Stremio is a modern media platform for non-stop entertainment. It allows you to discover, organize and watch video content. This platform can help you find the right solution, whether it’s TV shows, movies, live TV, or web channels.

Stremio can be downloaded on Android, iOS, and Mac via Google Play, the App Store, or on Windows, Linux, or Mac. It’s easy to install on all devices and offers unlimited access to your favorite videos.

Once you have installed Stremio you can create an account and then go to the Addon Catalog to download any addon from over 50 options. To explore video content, you can visit the Board or Discover sections. Stremio, which is open-source, is safe to use. The code can be viewed publicly and audited by anyone.

They do not collect any data except the essential to create and sync your account. They also offer a Guest Mode that requires no data and makes no calls to their backend. This mode doesn’t allow you to sync your library across multiple devices.

Stremio supports Chromecast, and allows you to cast from both Android mobile and desktop applications. It can be extended beyond the addon catalogue and supports many Android-based devices such as Amazon Fire Stick or NVIDIA Shield. Stremio also supports torrent files and magnet links.


PlayOn Desktop offers a new way to watch TV. It is packed with fun features you’ll love. This powerful PC application makes it easy to access the top streaming sites.

PlayOn is a media server that can store your music, videos and photos. It allows you to organize them beautifully for easy access. Upgrade your plan to get a powerful Streaming Video Recorder, (SVR), that acts as a DVR.

This SVR allows you to stream movies and shows online and offline. PlayOn Desktop allows you to record streaming video content from top streaming sites like Netflix, Disney Plus YouTube, Amazon Prime and HBO GO.

You can easily stream and cast videos on your streaming device. PlayOn lets you download and save videos in MP4 format with no expiration. With a single click, you can record the entire season of your favorite TV show and subscribe to it automatically for new episodes.

AdSkip automatically skips annoying ads while you are recording. To keep your computer and bandwidth free during peak hours, just tell AdSkip when you wish to record. The video recordings can be transferred to an Android, iPhone or iPad and viewed offline.

PlayOn Desktop makes it easy to find video content and offers curated recommendations. PlayOn’s team hand-picks the best shows and movies each month to offer a better user experience.

They start at $2.99 per month for 50GB storage, 100+ SD hours, 10 recording credits, and 10 hours of recording credit.


Emby lets you take your media with you wherever you go. You can also enjoy your favorite video content everywhere. It combines all of your home videos, photos and music into one place and automatically converts and streams them to your device.

Emby Connect allows you to enjoy your media from anywhere you are, without having to remember your IP address. Sign in to Emby Connect and click the play button. You can stream live TV from any device and view your recordings. It also allows you to manage your DVR.

Remote monitoring and control of your children’s sessions can be done remotely. This includes setting time limits, scheduling access, creating schedules and much more. Emby is easy to use. Install the server and then set it up with their user-friendly wizard.

Emby can be downloaded on Android, iPhone, Windows Tablets and Windows Phone. You can now access the dashboard to view a variety media options to plan your binge watching session.

Emby videos can be viewed from your living room. Emby apps also work for Amazon fire TV, Android TV and Roku. Emby apps can also be used with Chromecast, Chromecast, Home Theatre PC and other devices. Emby can detect devices from the Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA), which are connected to your network for greater privacy, so that you can easily control and send content remotely.

Upgrade to Emby Premiere for additional features such as mobile sync, cloud synchronization, cover art, and free Android apps


OSMC provides an open-source, free media center that will provide you with an extraordinary entertainment quotient. You can find music, pictures and videos as well as TV shows. The site also includes details such the year, actors and genres of singers and directors.

OSMC was designed to be easy to use and extremely user-friendly. It also looks great. It is open-source and secure so you can trust it. OSMC also uses Debian Linux and Kodi Media Centre.

OSMC offers its own App Store, which allows you to personalize your video streaming experience according to your preferences. It can play almost all media formats, including MP4, from various streaming protocols across devices.

Vero 4K+ is also available. This flagship OSMC device plays any content with full 4K support and 10-bit audio.


Kodi, formerly XBMC was an open-source media player app. It was created by Kodi/XBMC Foundation which is a non-profit technology consortium. This media player can be used on different operating systems and hardware platforms.

Kodi has a 10-foot interface you can use with both remote controls and TVs. You can view and play almost all videos, podcasts, and music files from Kodi easily via the internet and local storage media.

You can choose from a large selection of add-ons, with approximately 985 available. This allows you to customize your setup and enjoy uncompromising entertainment. Kodi’s advanced features add an extra dimension to the enjoyment of your TV.

Kodi is compatible with all devices, including Windows, Linux and Raspberry Pi. Android, tvOS and OSX are also supported. Kodi allows you to organize your music collection in a way that is unlike any other.

Instead of storing DVDs on the shelf, give life to your movie collection by adding cast genres and artwork. Kodi is the perfect companion to help you binge-watch your favorite TV shows. You can even manage your photos and display them on slideshows, or on a large screen.

You can also change the look of Kodi by choosing a different skin. Or you can install their PVR Addon to record TV shows to be viewed later. You can stream radio stations online and control them from your smartphone or web browser with Kodi.


Jellyfin is a volunteer-built media management software that gives you greater control over all your media. You can stream videos from any device to your server, and it does not have any restrictions. Jellyfin makes it easy to manage, stream, and enjoy media without any stress.

To access the free entertainment software, simply run your Jellyfin Server over your device. A variety of posters can be used to organize your entire movie collection. Let them choose your TV shows and movies, and then let them organize it by season.

You can enjoy all your music collection with it by creating playlists and listening wherever you are. You can stream live TV or record videos and have them saved to your library. It works with web browsers on a variety of devices including Android, iOS, Fire TV, Roku and many others.

You can also view your Kodi installation or Chromecast. Jellyfin respects privacy and does not track or control your data. They have kept their software open and transparent. All data they collect, including account information, crash logs, and so forth, is opt-in.

Jellyfin server can be downloaded and used forever for free. It can be used for personal and company purposes. Open-source software is licensed under the GNU GPL License. You can use, modify, study, build, and distribute it.


Subsonic can be your personal media player. It is extremely easy to use. Subsonic allows you to enjoy movies, TV series and music from any device. Or you can use it with a browser on your own computer.

It is easy to navigate through large collections of content with ease thanks to its intuitive design. You can quickly find your favorite tracks using the free-text search. You can also see cover art such as images embedded in ID3 tags.

You can make a playlist, and share it with others. You can give stars to your favourite tracks and albums and leave comments and ratings. You can also control your play list by adding, repeating and saving tracks, as well as loading them.

Subsonic supports nearly all media formats, including MP3, AAC and OGG. It also supports other audio and video formats streamed via HTTP. Playlists can be imported and exported that support formats such as M3U, XSPF and PLS.

Subsonic works also with network-enabled media players like iTunes, Winamp and VLC. It displays metadata like artist, song, etc. It implements SHOUTcast and supports streaming HLS videos.

The Jaudiotagger library can be used to edit and tag parse MP3, FLAC and OGG files. You can customize your experience with the Jaudiotagger library in 28 languages. Choose from 30 themes. Use the highly configurable interface, avatar, auto album list, and browse your favourite genres.

You can set your server by your own address, for example, Subsonic is able to work with multiple users and players simultaneously. It integrates with other web services to offer you a better experience.

It also allows you to use HTTP/SSL and support LDAP. Additional features include streaming on Sonos or Chromecast, downloading podcasts and managing radio stations and internet television, as well as the ability to play your media on compatible UPnP/DLNA equipment.


You can transform your computer with MediaPortal. You can connect your TV to the platform using standard hardware. The platform displays your series, photos and music dynamically.

You can enjoy your favorite content in comfort from the comfort of your own home on a large screen Plasma TV, LCD TV, LED TV or Projector. Your live TV can record, view, and schedule just like a TiVo. You can play movies, videos and Blu-ray discs.

For easy viewing, you can save pictures and home videos. For even more convenience, you can control the media playing from your couch using a remote. MediaPortal can be used on your web or mobile device to check the weather and news.

You can use the hundreds of skins and plugins available to monitor your HTPC, view scores and movie showtimes as well as streaming web TV and downloading it. You can also play YouTube videos, Apple trailers, internet Radio, music from your playlist, and other genres.

MediaPortal is easy to use and manage. It allows you to view, listen, and play media anywhere and anytime you like without any navigation problems. Enjoy your popcorn and listen to a variety of media while you embark on a free journey.


You want to stream video content on multiple devices and access it for free?

Try Serviio.

Serviio, a free media server, lets you stream media content such as images, videos and music to different devices, including TVs, gaming consoles, mobile phones and tablets, Playstation 3, Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and Bluray players, Xbox 360, tablets and MusicPal.

Serviio supports profiles for a better media experience. This allows Serviio to increase the device’s potential and decrease the inability to playback certain media formats (via transcoding). Serviio’s sole technology is Java. This is why it works on all major platforms including Windows, Linux, NAS, and Mac.

The Pro edition gives you more options for sharing and using it across all devices. It can be controlled with Alexa devices or your voice. Serviio will play whatever you want. It uses a plugin system for streaming online content such as audio/video, web pages content, and RSS feeds.

Serviio also supports subtitles, and updates your media library automatically when you add or remove media files or metadata. The local library has a large selection of options. You can also store raw images. Serviio supports different device detection and editable renderer profiles. Profile assignment is also possible.

It allows you to extract metadata from media files. This includes embedded tags, local metadata, XBMC, MyMovies, and online metadata. Serviio supports video thumbnails and DVD posters as well as CD covers. Serviio’s technology makes it easy to add files in series and mark the episodes of a recently viewed series.

It supports many media files, including audio such as MP3, MP2, WMA lossless, OGG and ALAC, DSF, WAV and WAV. ; video formats like MPEG-1, 2, 4, Matroska, Flash, 3GP, WebM, RealVideo, etc. ; image formats like JPEG, GIF, RAW, etc. ; playlist formats like PLS, M3U, ASX, WPL, etc. ; and subtitle formats such as SubRip/SSA/ASS MicroDVD, VTT and many more.


Media server software makes it easy to stream your favorite media content. Compare the features and benefits of each software and choose the one that best suits your needs.

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