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Justin Bieber is Coming out With New Music Album !

9 months ago


Will Justin Bieber Drop An Album In 2019? His Instagram Post Sends Mixed Messages

All the Beliebers out there are waiting with bated breath for some new music from their favorite pop star. But will Justin Bieber drop an album in 2019? At this point in the game, the answer is a hard… maybe? Bieber took to Instagram on Monday, March 25 to share his thoughts about where his mind is right now and how music factors into what he’s focusing on. Apparently, Bieber is all about his health and his family right now, especially since he’s still in newlywed mode.

In Bieber’s Instagram post, he shared that he’s seen the messages fans have been sending with requests for a new album, but he’s just not in the right head space to release one and go on tour just yet. He even used his last album and tour as an example.


Justin’s actions speak louder than his words and there are many signs that some new Bieber tracks are on the horizon. Here are all the signs that Justin is coming out with new music very very soon.


His manager hinted at a collab with Ed Sheeran.

Justin might’ve announced his album a little too early, but that doesn’t mean it’s too early for him to take out a single. Scooter Braun, Justin’s long time manager, hinted that something might be coming out with soon and it will include pop hitmaker Ed Sheeran.

Fans believed that the two might be collaborating after they both posted a similar photo of themselves in front of a green screen. While some fans might’ve believed it was just a coincidence, Scooter recently posted the two of them together with the caption, “10.”


Follow-up to ‘Purpose’ could be coming in 2019

After a brief spell away from music Justin Bieber looks finally set to return in 2019 with a fifth album.

The Canadian pop star’s last full-length, ‘Purpose’, was released back in 2015. In our NME review of the LP – which spawned the hit singles ‘Sorry’, ‘What Do You Mean?’, and ‘Love Yourself’ – we wrote: “It’s not quite redemption – only time will tell if he’ll curb the recklessness – but it’s certainly a start at reinvention.”