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Is Donating Blood Good or Bad For Your Well Being?

6 months ago

It sounds so scary to give up blood from our body. But did you ever think that you are carrying the same blood with the same iron count which might not be that good for your body? That your body might need fresh blood once in a while to remain healthy? Did you know that the average blood cell life is about 120 days, so why waste it in our body when we can donate and produce fresh blood which will save us and someone else.

If you go deep into the matter and consider the real picture behind blood donation you will find out that after donating a unit of blood, a human body reproduces the same amount of fresh blood within the next 48 hours and within two months you have fresh iron, platelets, erythrocytes and leukocytes count in your body. So blood donation can be done every six months easily and you won’t even know the variance. But once you start donating blood, you are supposedly about to live longer than others. There are more benefits to blood donation, read to know all about it:

  1. Our daily life toxic intake makes our blood thick and difficult to flow normally. Donating blood will replace the old blood with new unit stimulating good blood flow.
  2. As a result less blood clotting which can save you from inflammation and haemorrhage.
  3. If you donate a unit of blood, you are burning 650 cal at a go. It is not a way to lose weight but yes it does help to remain healthy.
  4. Replacing blood cells keeps a healthy iron count in our body keeping the heart healthy, particularly men.
  5. Since iron count remains stable, hence less of oxidative damage saving us from early ageing.