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important qualities should I look for in my life feature partner?

10 months ago

What qualities should I look for in my life partner

Question: Hi, I am of marriageable age and my parents are looking for a prospective bride for me. I have no problem in settling down but I am confused about what all traits are a must-have in a life partner. We all need someone who is sweet, fun-loving, caring, honest and loyal but what are the other things I should look for while making this decision. Please guide. —By Anonymous

Response: Sometimes people wonder about the qualities that they must look for in their partner and it is completely normal. Marriage is a long-term investment of not only finances but also emotions and time.

I comprehend that your parents are looking for a life partner for you. I understand that you are confused about what traits one must see in a partner as it can be very different for different people. As you have mentioned a couple of traits that you would consider in your partner, you must also consider what you would give back in a relationship.

What are the qualities of a good life partner

There are few things that you can consider while looking for a prospective life partner. Firstly, you both should share similar values and beliefs. If you don’t share similar values, then at least you both should be willing to accept each other’s differences. Secondly, the person should be willing to commit in a long-term relationship. Lastly, you both need to have a mutual understanding of open-communication and collaboration.

I would highly recommend you to reflect and understand what you are looking for in a relationship. You ca also consider counselling for yourself to get clarity


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