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I think I am in love with my colleague. How should I tell her this?

1 min ago

I think I am in love with my colleague. How should I tell her this?

Question: Due to this recent #MeToo movement, I think twice before even talking to my female colleagues. The problem is I like one of my teammates and want to step into a serious relationship with her. I am a little scared thinking how will she react and what if she takes up the matter with our manager? Please suggest me the right way to approach her. —By Anonymous

Response: #MeToo movement has been a topic of debate since some time now. Some people support it and some people find themselves to be a victim of this movement.

I can understand that you are experiencing anxiety due to this movement and I have recently encountered few cases with the same concern. My clients also think twice before talking to their female colleagues. In fact, they experience severe anxiety and panic attack at times and if they speak to a female. I would recommend you to visit a counsellor immediately if you are also experiencing anxiety issues regularly.

However, if you are only nervous about approaching your teammate, I would recommend that you express your liking towards her. Once you are friends, you can express your interest of being in a serious relationship with her. Friendship would also give you an opportunity to understand each other better and put you in a comfortable situation.

I would also like to make you aware that it is good to like a person however, be prepared that the response and the decision of being in a relationship involves consent of two people. If the person you like does not respond in a way you expect, then you must be prepared with your coping mechanism.