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How to Get a Flat Belly Fast – 9 Simple but Extremely Effective Exercises

3 hours ago

Do Some Cardio

Going for a simple run or investing in something like a treadmill or a skywalker can be excellent for making sure you see some belly fat loss. By using cardio as a starting point, you can quickly and easily burn off some belly fat.

Start off slow, perhaps a neighborhood run, and eventually progress into bike rides and long distance runs: it’s certain to help out.


Going for a swim is a good starting point, too. Swimming works a huge amount of muscles, but it does a lot for our core as well. We recommend that you start swimming as soon as is possible, as it will go a long way to helping you find a relaxing, soothing and stress-free workout option that is still very good for us.

A bit of swimming often goes a long way to improving physical fitness and reducing belly fat.



Zumba dancing is a low-intensity, high-excitement workout plan that you will love. It helps to improve stretching ease and flexibility, and does a lot of work on the core. This makes it highly effective for making sure that you can begin to burn off some of the fat that you carry around with you.

It’s also a fun way to get some awesome new dance moves to impress your friends and family with at the next big get-together family function!



Planking is hard work, but is excellent for making a big change to your belly fat. It more or less works the core entirely, and all that you need to do this is enough floor space to stretch out length-wise. Simply put yourself into a push-up position, and instead hold the position whilst letting all of the weight build up around your core.

This allows you to hold your body weight using that as the crutch, which will work wonders for your belly fat.



Crunches are very useful, and should go some way to making a big difference to your belly fat. They are easy to do in large volumes once you get the motion down – just remember to lift yourself up/down with your core. Many people make the mistake of using their arms to help vault up: keep your arms at your head and use your core, and you’ll start shredding belly fat ASAP.



Squats are useful too, and will help to work key muscles around your buttocks, legs and thighs. It’s good for belly fat too, though, so long as you remember to work the core instead of letting it become a bystander.

Be sure to try out some squats, though, as they do often make a big difference during your exercise regime, as well as helping to work other key muscle groups related to your belly fat. Gym hut have also created an info graphic below that shows you even more exercises like squats, that will help to burn some calories and fat.


Sit-ups are good for this, too, and like the crunch will often play a key role in helping to combat belly fat. Simply start out doing as many reps as you can, and then move on to doing a high intensity interval set-up. Sit-ups are good for busting belly fat, but you need to do them properly: it’s easy to do sit-ups wrong, so make sure you look into the proper form to help ensure you get the best results.


Push Ups

Push-ups are good, too, and often work well as they make you tense up your core to keep your back straight. The up/down motion of a push-up dose a lot for you, too, and often plays a big role in helping you to lift some of the discomfort that you feel around the waistline.

However, push-ups might need you to do some of the other exercises above enough to get your core and arms strong enough to handle your own weight.


Upward Back Bend

Lastly, the upwards back bend is a very useful belly fat busting move. It can be quite sore at first, especially if you lack flexibility, but you will get the hang of it soon. It will take some work to make sure you can maintain the flexibility, so we recommend taking this one on with a fitness instructor at first.

It will be very tough to do at first, but you will really feel the benefits if you get it right.