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How do I stop overthinking about my relationship?

3 weeks ago


Query: Hi, I am 28-year-old banker and have been in a serious relationship with my boyfriend since past eight months. I have this problem of overthinking about every aspect of our bond. I brood about what future holds for us, how much he loves me, what kind of feelings I have for him, why he has not called me today and the list is endless. It seems I am so much in love with him that I have lost my peace of mind. In fact, I am kind of restless and unhappy, and feel pressured for no reason. At times, I find it difficult to sleep at night as well. Should I go to a doctor for some medical advice? Lately, I have realized I overthink about every little thing around me. Please help.

Response : Relationships are part of our life and not our entire life. Sometimes, people find it very difficult to balance between the professional and personal life. When self-awareness or self-confidence is lacking, one fears to lose control on their life or their relationships. This uncertainty of life can give rise to anxiety.

I understand that you are overthinking about every aspect of your relationship which is eight months old. It can be very taxing and stressful. You mentioned that you are losing your peace of mind due to this. You are also worried about your future and you are not able to enjoy the present moments in your relationship.

I would suggest you to reflect on what is disturbing you about this relationship. Is there any insecurity that you are unable to express?

You can speak about your feelings with your boyfriend. I would recommend you to visit a psychologist for professional help as you are feeling restless and unhappy.