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Getting ready for your first date? here is a tips to make an impression

2 mins ago


The excitement of a first date cannot be put down in words. No matter how the meeting might turn out to be but most of us want to look our best and be on the top of our game. Here are six simple tips that would help you to dress up for this occasion and make an unforgettable first impression.

Be comfortable
Remember, comfort is the key. Whatever you decide to wear for the occasion, make sure you are at ease. The last thing you want to do on a romantic date is to head to the restroom after every few minutes to adjust your clothes, right? Be effortlessly stylish and let your confidence speak on your behalf.

Use a good perfume
The way you smell can make or break the deal. Use a fragrance that is pleasant, long-lasting and does not make your date suffocate. Also, popping a few mint candies would be a great idea if you have the slightest doubt about bad breath.


What’s your footwear?

Ladies, if you are confident you can pull off high heels, go ahead. If not, there are tons of footwear options you can go for and still look stylish. The same applies to men as well. It is obvious you will be walking at least for some time and you don’t want your date to notice that your footwear is troubling you.


Don’t go overboard with your make up
You don’t want your date to be distracted by layers of make-up or too many vibrant colours on your face, right? Go for the look you are comfortable with and it’s better to keep it simple and elegant.

Rather than going for an elaborate hairstyle and literally proving you have gone out of your way to look good, go for simple and subtle hairdo. Remember the person needs to like you the way you are and going for a dramatic haircut or hair color just for the sake to impress someone is never worth it.


It’s just not about your outfit!
Apart from the way you dress up and carry yourself, your etiquette matter as well. Be on time and keep your date posted about your whereabouts. Always offer to Dutch the bill and be honest about what you are looking for. Also, try not to use your phone much during the date, be a good listener and maintain eye contact.