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Elizabeth Warren opens door to reparations for Native Americans

2 weeks ago


Elizabeth Warren opens door to reparations for Native Americans. The U.S. senator is among four Democratic presidential hopefuls supporting reparations for African Americans.

Of all people, THIS woman is the driving force behind reparations? There’s a punch line to follow, right? I’ll wait . . . How much Pocahontas will get? Hahahaha….. It’s a horrible idea–not because it’s not fair–but because it couldn’t ever go far enough and fit within a reasonable budget. Economically this isn’t any different from giving billionaires a huge tax break–which is also a horrible idea–but something we’ve already done.


Let her go first Typical politician, passing laws to make themselves even wealthier. This FakeIndian is beyond the pale. She wants to keep you dependent of free government money so that she can garner your vote. Government handouts = modern day slavery. Progressives, it seems, want to recycle the past. VoteThemAllOut SayNoToSocialism

She can open the window if she wants, but, she will never see A penny from me! This reparation talk is ludicrous! You have to admire people who can blow past genocide with a smile and a joke. Give me a break She is never going to shake this issue, so instead she is going to try to buy her way out of it. I doubt that will work either because all it does is remind people that ‘Oh, she’s the one who pretended to be Native American to advance her career.’

Senator Elizabeth Warren backs reparations for black Americans
‘We must confront the dark history of slavery and government-sanctioned discrimination in this country that has had many consequences including undermining the ability of Black families to build wealth in America for generations,’ Warren, who is white, said in a statement to Reuters. ‘ Hahahahhaha ELIZABETH WARREN SHOULD GIVE REPARATIONS TO THE AMERICAN INDIANS That will go over well.


What about reparation for slaves?
Elizabeth Warren not only lied about being a Native American, she used the lie to unethically & immorally boost her career to get higher pay and a position of privilege at Harvard Where is the liberal outrage behind Warren hijacking affirmative action programs for her benefit?

Yes, they deserve it, after the illegal immigrants on the Mayflower etc. occupied their lands/nations and made them 2nd class citizens without voice!!! Good for her. Look at Pocohantas dreaming she’s President. 2020’s Hillary Clinton. How many clueless naive American women will she brainwash into voting for her? And will Colonel Sanders sell out to her like he did to crooked Hillary last time? Imagine Trump vs Pocohantas 2020. Trump wins.

When did buying votes become legal?
Are Dems actually afraid they’re losing the black vote? ToranzoJ Crazy Pocohantas thinks she’s an Indian but is really not? Is this politics or a mental institution? Will 1 of every 1032 Americans sell out to Lizzy Warren’s vote buyout scheme? How does that work? Do biracial people get half?