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Russian Film Movie of 2019 : Download in HD in duel audio

8 months ago

1. Billion (Миллиард)

A powerful and insanely rich banker dodges his six illegitimate children in order to avoid sharing his wealth with them. However, he gets set up by a rival and loses everything. To rob his former bank and get his wealth back he needs to first secure the support of his previously rejected children. The thing is, however, each child is quite a character.

This action-comedy distantly reminds one of Ocean’s Eleven (but not in a casino). It is directed by Roman Prygunov, the man behind the well-publicized ДухLess and ДухLess 2.

Release date: Apr. 18, 2019

2. Designated driver (Трезвый водитель)

In this romantic comedy, a young and naïve Artyom comes to Moscow with a plan to attain dolce vita of the rich and famous. Yet, the most he can count on is working for his friends as a driver for the rich. One night he wakes up in a hotel suite with a rich young lady who can’t remember that he is only a driver. He falls for her and pretends to be a millionaire. However, he finds out that to act like a millionaire and to actually be one are two very different things.

This can be a perfect choice for a cinema date.

Release date: March 21, 2019

3. Queen of Spades: Wonderland

A group of teenagers uncovers an ancient-looking glass decorated with cryptic patterns, and then hold a mysterious seance to awake the spirit of the queen of spades who, they believe, will fulfill their dearest wishes. The teenagers don’t know that the price for the fulfilled wishes will be their souls.

A boarding school, an ancient mansion, and an evil spirit… What else does it take to film a good horror film?

Release date: March 14, 2019

4. Boggart (Домовой)

A young girl, Alina, moves into a new apartment together with her mom and their pet cat. Soon the family learns the hard way that they share the apartment with a Bogart who thinks of them as intruders on his rightful property.

The humans prevail and evict the ghoul, but in doing so they put themselves in grave danger. Only the Bogart can save them, but he needs to regain their faith first.

This film may be a good choice for families with children. It is suitable for the general audiences, and has a 6+ age-limit in Russian theaters.

Release date: Apr. 11, 2019

5. Short waves (Короткие волны)

This collection of short novellas was released in the form of a feature film. Each novella differs in substance, dealing with love, art, gender roles, and etc. – but united in form, they all happen as a part of a radio broadcast. This film may be categorized as art house since it deals with topics relevant for people in modern Russia.

Watch it if you’re an ardent fan of Russian art house cinema and if the mystery of the Russian soul keeps you up at night.

Release date: Apr. 11, 2019