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Donald Trump Combative On Sixth Day Of Government Shutdown !

1 month ago


Trump unbowed as Senate rejects dueling bids to end shutdown: ‘We have to have the wall’

Senators blocked two different attempts to end the government shutdown Thursday, filibustering one plan from President Trump and another from Democrats, leaving all sides to wonder whether there’s a path out of the morass.

The dueling votes both fell well short of the 60 votes needed to advance, though Democrats’ plan to reopen the government for a couple weeks did slightly better than Mr. Trump’s proposal for a major immigration deal to be combined with full-year government funding.

The two failures sent Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Democratic counterpart Sen. Charles E. Schumer into a huddle to see if they could figure out another solution for a quick end to the shutdown.

Some lawmakers urged a short-term reopening of government to create breathing space for border security negotiations.

Mr. Trump said he would be open to a deal, but there must be at least a symbolic downpayment on his border wall in any short-term bill, too. He suggested wall money could be prorated to the length of a short-term bill.



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