July 2, 2022
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12 Best Parenting Apps to Take Better Care of Kids

Many say that it is becoming more difficult to manage children with this technology age. However, I believe they aren’t fully taking advantage technological advancements. Take the smartphone as an example. It can automatically handle half your child’s needs.

As a father to three children, I’ve used many different parenting apps to help me manage them. An app can be used to soothe your child, manage their nutrition, or manage their screentime.

Below is a list I created parenting apps that parents can use to help their kids. These parenting apps can be useful for parents of teenagers who abuse the word freedom a lot.

For babies, toddlers and preschoolers (0-5 year olds)

Baby Led Kitchen

Parents of young children are concerned about nutrition. Baby Led Kitchen has hundreds of recipes that will help. The site has recipes that are suitable for children as young as 6 months old, up to the point they can eat on their own. Every recipe has been tested and proven to be affordable for children young enough to make it.

You can filter recipes by type or even dairy-free. Each recipe has a timer that you can use to determine how long it takes to prepare. The app is a paid app and can be downloaded for $3.99.

Download on Android | iOS

Baby Rattle

Baby Rattle has tons of sounds and animations that will delight your toddler or infant. The app turns your phone into a sophisticated rattle toy for babies. You can tap or shake the phone to make different types of rattle sounds.

To have some fun, there are interactive characters your toddler can tap with. The app even has a sleep mode that plays soothing sounds to aid in sleep.

Download on Android | iOS

Baby Monitor 3G

If you leave your baby alone often, a monitoring app is essential. I recommend Baby Monitor 3G because of its reliability. You will need two phones: one for the baby and one for you. This app will display a live video of your baby wherever you are, after a quick setup.

It can work on Wi-Fi or mobile data and adjusts the video quality automatically to make sure you don’t disconnect even when there is a poor connection. You can talk to your baby via the phone and it will let you know when they are awake.

The app costs $3.99, but unlocks all features and unlimited recording.

Download on Android | iOS

Baby Monitor Saby offers a great free alternative.

Growth Book

It is important to track your child’s development, especially in the first years. The Growth Book app tracks the growth of children between birth and five years. You can track milestones in multiple sections. It will allow you to enter the child’s information, including their birth date. The WHO Z score will then create a growth chart. You can also update your child’s details each month to keep track.

It also has a food tracker that helps you keep your child’s nutrition in check, and gives you ideas for what to cook. It also has a vaccination tracker which recommends vaccinations based on child age and country (120+ countries). You can chat with real doctors to get free advice on everything else.

Download on Android

Potty Whiz

Potty training can be a big problem that parents need to face. The app offers a reminder and a tracker for potty training. To keep track of your child’s progress and make improvements, you can log their activities. You can log things like when your child goes potty, what they said, any accidents, etc.

To remind the child to use the potty, you can create a personalized schedule. You can also encourage your child with built-in praise sounds or animations during successful sessions.

Download on Android | iOS

For Gradeschoolers (5-12 Years)


Young children learning to take ownership can be encouraged by rewarding them with rewards. The Kiddy app allows you to award positive or negative points to your child depending on pre-set activities and their performance. Based on the points earned, you can design your own rewards. You could get money equivalent to points, or a gift for reaching a milestone.

You can set up challenges for your children to complete, and they will earn rewards. You can also edit the wish list to give your children gifts they love.

Download on Android

Recipes for Kids

This app can be used to inspire school-going children in cooking. Recipes for Kids offers hundreds of delicious recipes that school-going children love. It encourages children to follow the instructions and cook with their parents.

You can search for recipes by ingredients or terms using the search function. Your favorite recipes can be shared with family and friends. You can save recipes and view them offline, or create a shopping list using the ingredients. This app will also show you the nutritional information for each recipe if you want to follow an exact diet plan.

Download on Android

Montessori Activities

To foster skill development, parents should be involved in activities with their children outside of school hours. This is made easier by the Montessori Activities app, which offers many real-life activities and games that are suitable for school-going children. It also helps them to learn new skills.

To help children develop different skills, all activities are centered on Montessori and divided into different categories. The app will suggest activities based on the child’s age, as well as how much time they have.

Download on Android | iOS

For Teens (12-18 Years)


Bark provides a monitoring app that can be used for all aspects of the next generation’s parenting.

It monitors mobile apps and can filter out cyber-bullying and suicidal ideastion. You can also monitor your child’s screen and control their access to different websites.

This helps your child to avoid internet temptations. This can help you with your proactive parenting.

Bark is available for Android, iOS and Amazon smartphones. Subscribers start at USD 4 per Month

Google Family Link

While giving a smartphone to your child is an essential need, it’s not enough. As a responsible parent, you should also use a parental control application to monitor the phone. The Google Family Link app is a great choice as it allows you to track and control the phone of your child, all for no cost.

It is possible to track what apps and other activities your children access on their phones. You can set a time limit to control screen time. The phone will then lock automatically after that time expires. You can also restrict which apps, websites, or YouTube content your child has access to.

To set up the Google Family Link app on your child’s phone and to optimize the experience, you can refer to my complete guide.

Download on Android | iOS


The monthly allowance for children can cause a lot of headaches, as you don’t know exactly where they will spend it. Greenlight provides a debit card that can be used by children to manage their monthly allowance.

The card is a prepaid one, and the child can only spend the amount that the parents have added to it. Parents approve all transactions made by their child so that they are always aware of where their child is spending. Children can be prevented from using their card at certain stores by parents.

Download on Android | iOS


S’moresUp, a chore management application that allows the entire family to track chores, is called S’moresUp. You can use it as an allowance manager, with a twist that rewards tasks completed. For teens, it can be used to create chore lists and set up rewards to encourage them to finish them on time.

You can also use it as a family planner app. This allows you to schedule important events and share them with family members. After a 45-day trial, you will need to purchase the premium version for $4.99/month.

Download on Android | iOS


Apart from the apps I have mentioned that can help with different child needs, I want to share two parenting apps that can help you be a better parent. The Happy Parent and Families offer a wealth of information about parenting along with daily lessons. Parents app has a wonderful community that allows you to share your experiences with other parents as well as share photos/videos.

Download The Happy Child on Android | iOS

Download Parents on Android | iOS

Last words

All of the parenting apps I have mentioned will make it easier to parent. Although I have divided these apps according to the age of the child, some apps may overlap and cover a wider range, such as Google Family Link, which can also be used for grade-schoolers. No matter what age your child is, make sure to check out all apps.

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